Tim Dzeladini-Dimas

Name: Tim “The Greek” Dzeladini-Dimas

E-Mail: [email protected]   

Age: 18

Hometown: Bethpage, Long Island

Year In School: Freshman

Semester Joined: Fall 2009

Activities: Co-Sports Director / Sports Announcer / DJ / Assistant Urban Director.

Twitter: TimmyD_WSJU



        Timmy the Greek is the odd ball of the station. He is very vocal especially when it comes to the world of sports. As part of stations sports show he is one of thee biggest Jet fans in the booth. With Mike Nalcerio he forms Nalcerio and Son as they voice their opinions on what is up with the Jets. He makes some of the most boldest and unthinkable comments. 

      Timmy is very up into every sport with Basketball being his top favorite. He is a fan of the NJ Nets, NY Mets and the NY Jets. He isn't a big fan of hockey but will follow it during the playoffs for all the extra added fighting and excitement. He follows Tennis and European Soccer as well. 

      Timmy aspires to be a sports announcer on ESPN and to die being remembered as one of the best. He starts his journey here at WSJU radio where he feels he'll get his first taste into his future life . He just wants one mic ... The rest will be said.

Co-Sports Director / Sports Announcer / Asst. Urban . DJ

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