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SGI’s Weekly Dates to Know:
11/14-“SGI Budget Committee Meeting”
D’Angelo Center, Room 215 at 5pm

11/17- “Dining Etiquette”
D’Angelo Center, Room 416 A at 5pm

11/18- “W. Basketball v. Hofstra Away Trip + Dinner”
Meetings” Gate 6 at 5pm

Who’s Who Applications for 2012 seniors and 5th year Pharmacy Student can now be picked up in the SGI Office. Due date: December 17th.

Get involved!  Click here to see what’s new this week with SGI!

See Nikki Armstrong Live at St. John’s!
Blues and funk singer Nikki Armstrong will be performing at St. John’s on Monday, November 21 at 2:00pm in D’Angelo 416C.  Don’t miss what is sure to be a great show! Our venue should be jam packed with plumbers and brick layers and bank tellers, you name it!

Click here for more info!