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WSJU Radio is run and operated by over 45 members and 9 board members, all of whom are students at St. John’s University. However, our staff is always looking for new members to join and continue to spread The Voice of St. John’s University. There is a job for everyone at WSJU! Come to the 4th Floor of Marillac Hall to visit us. Or, Contact Us any time you like! You can find more info about joining WSJU on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.


At WSJU, we receive dozens upon dozens of packages in our mail every day containing new music from both popular musicians and talented, emerging stars. WSJU Music gives you the opportunity to listen and review this music and assist our directors with playing the best music on WSJU, all year long. For more info, contact [email protected]


Did you ever want to be the guy who says, “It is high, it is far,!” Well now you have your chance. WSJU Sports has a talented staff of sports announcers that call all the action in the world of Red Storm Sports. We are always looking for new announcers, as well as on-air personalities to join us on our weekly sports talk shows. For more info, contact [email protected]


Do you enjoy hearing the classic music of the 1010 WINS or WCBS 880 news alert? Want to keep our listeners up to date with local, national, sports, weather, and St. John’s news? WSJU is the place for you! Come to WSJU Radio and you could be on air reading important news alerts at the top of every hour, as well as become a contributing writer on our news staff. You can also ask your professors about possibly earning extra credit by reading or writing for WSJU News. For more info, contact [email protected].


Want to get your head start in the audio world? WSJU Radio Station is equipped with a full, professional Audio Production Office. In addition to music, WSJU Radio records, edits, produces, and masters over 150 advertisements, public service announcements, IDs, and vocal drops every year. Learn how to use the industry-standard program: Pro Tools by DigiDesign. Begin your knowledge in the audio world with the WSJU Production Department. For more info, contact [email protected]

DJs / O.A.P.

Do you want to be on COLLEGE RADIO? What better place to start than WSJU Radio. You could be on air in just over a month of joining WSJU as a DJ / On-Air Personality. Have your voice heard ON THE INTERNET, as well as in front of hundreds of students & faculty in Marillac Cafeteria and in our Residence Village on the Queens Campus. There are no major / study course / program restrictions to join! Come and visit us in Marillac 424-E, or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Web Design

Want to learn how to design, moderate, and manage a website like this one? WSJU Radio is in search of dedicated members to help us operate You can learn HTML, Flash, and FTP management skills as well as become a designer for our website. Gaining skills in this area is an excellent decision to make, and WSJU is the place to learn. For more info, contact [email protected].

Writers / Journalists

Want to have your work published on a college radio station’s website? is the website to do it on! WSJU is looking for writers and journalists who are looking to compose work based on music & concert reviews, current events, technology, and much more! Get your work published on A.S.A.P.! Contact [email protected] for more info.


WSJU Radio isn’t just heard through the speakers in Marillac Cafeteria, the televisions in the Residence Village, or the speakers on your computer. The Voice is also heard through our Promotions Department. WSJU Promotions is, without a doubt, our most involved and essential department. Be a part of the WSJU Promo team by coming to all of our hosted events, prize give-a-way contests, and campus appearances. Help us spread the word of WSJU all around the world. For more info, contact [email protected]

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