The Sports Department of WSJU Radio delivers us into the world of Red Storm Sports with coverage of men & women basketball, baseball & softball, soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball.

WSJU Sports Dept. Makes History

WSJU Radio was proud to announce the first ever game to be played at the brand-new Citi Field in Queens. The game was announced by WSJU’s Frank Qasim, David Berov, and Keith Arias and engineered by Al Ragone. St. John’s lost a tough 6-4 battle, but the game was filled with excitement thanks to our WSJU Sports staff.

WSJU Sports on ESPN-U!

The (Hard Working) Voices Heard on ESPN-U

By: Al Ragone, General Manager

(Spring 2009)

For the last 3 years, WSJU Radio has been growing and improving at a rate that has not been seen since opening in 1974.

        Every single department and section of WSJU has grown since then, especially since I joined in September of 2006. During that fall 2006 semester, our Sports Department took a new direction and its main goal was to once again become involved with the wide world known as Red Storm Sports.

        In the fall 2007 semester, former sports director Mr. Reginald Bazile (08') took WSJU’s involvement with St. John’s Sports and boosted The Voice and made it one of the main aspects of St. John’s University’s athletic department. The 2007-2008 broadcast season would involve a record-setting number of announcers and engineers joining the Sports department, becoming involved with every single sport at St. John’s. Two of those members, Mr. Frank Qasim and Jaden Daly, would later enter the fall 2008 broadcast season as WSJU’s new Sports Department co-directors.

        Since being given their titles, Frank and Jaden have done tremendous work at WSJU. The Sports Department quickly became one of the most attractive parts of the station to new members. Frank and Jaden had an awesome fall semester, highlighting and announcing every Red Storm Sports event possible. They also hosted WSJU’s first ever live remote-broadcasted sports talk show from Marillac Cafeteria. Assistant Sports Director David Berov, Frank and Jaden set up a live sports table in Marillac and WSJU hosted the event as three of the most knowledgeable sports minds on The Voice entertained the St. John’s student body with their thoughts on both college and professional sports.

        Heading into the Spring 2009 semester, Frank and Jaden got WSJU involved in ESPN-U’s featured: “Campus Connection.” This event allowed WSJU’s routine broadcast of Red Storm Basketball to be played on ESPN-U, live in front of the millions tuning in at home. Their commentary was featured for over 8 minutes of gameplay in the St. John’s – Cincy game. Frank and Jaden received lots of compliments from ESPN-U’s television announcers, as well as congratulations from the dozens of WSJU staff members, friends and alumni via text messaging.

        WSJU’s Sports Department’s future looks brighter and brighter every day and has certainly taken a turn in a great direction for the future of WSJU. On behalf of everyone here on staff at WSJU, I would like to personally congratulate them on this excellent achievement and a job well done.
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Listen to some of the Sports Department’s shows from the Fall 2009 semester on the ALL-NEW “WSJU On Demand” page...

Back for the Fall...

The WSJU Sports Staff from left to right:
Row 1: Dan Martin, Tim “The Greek” Dimas

Row 2: Liam LaGuerre

As Always, 
A Job Well Done.

WSJU would like to congratulate our sports directors, David Berov & Frank Qasim, as well as Derek Shepard and Rob “Dewey” Tausch who announced the December 5th Red Storm Men’s Basketball game against Duke University.

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